Our Dream Hour of Escape

If you had an hour to escape what would you do? For us the fun lies in the fantasising, the thinking of what would make the ideal relaxing 60 minutes.

Our hour would begin waking in warm comfortable bed in a countryside retreat, surrounded by the silence of a snow-covered landscape. The open fires would be lit in and we would be wearing cashmere socks and soft cotton PJs and on getting up would wrap ourselves in a large soft sensuous cashmere throw.

Then we’d curl up on a deep white sofa covered with bright cushions and sip strong coffee from French style latte cups, no chipped mugs for us!

Finally there would be fresh flowers casually arranged in a china jug on the kitchen table and throughout the hour we would feast on jams and marmalades with croissant or ciabatta served with rich virgin olive oil and local cheeses all served in a rustic olive wood serving bowl.

To finish we’d have some lavender tea and champagne chocolates and thus would end our perfect hour!

But what about you? How would you choose to spend your dream hour? Where would you go, and what would you eat? Let us know and you could win £100.

Email: competition@riversidelifestyle.co.uk

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