Chocolate is the food of love for Valentine’s Day

If you’re stuck for a choice of gifts for Valentine’s Day look no further than chocolate. Aside from being the road to many a person’s heart, chocolate, say Scientists stimulates a huge feel-good factor. This in turn is linked to feelings of wellbeing and all because chocolate tastes so good.

Research also shows that sampling a chocolate induces sensations that could (possibly) be more pleasurable than listening to your favourite music, winning the lottery, or falling in love.

Chocolate also gets right to the heart of sexual pleasure by increasing the brain’s feel-good brain chemical, level of serotonin, which plays a major role in emotional health and feeling relaxed.

Will any old chocolate do? Well, yes and no. The better the grade of chocolate and the more diverse the flavour and the better the sensations. Which is why at Riverside we have a selection of outstanding chocolates for Valentine’s Day.

If you’re tempted choose from: Garden Flavoured Chocolate Truffles

£7.99, which have 12 different flavours including: Rose, Blackcurrant, Apple, Raspberry, Orange, Cherry, and Rhubarb,

Then we have our bestselling – Champagne Truffles £10.99 and our White Chocolate Lavender Truffles £10.99 – both are ideal if you’re planning a romantic dinner for two.

So will you be giving chocolate for Valentine’s day? Let us know.

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