Do Dads need more relaxation time than Mums?

It’s Mother’s Day next weekend. Are you looking to be spoiled and treated and hopefully gifted up to your eyeballs?

If so, you may be interested to know a new study suggests stay-at-home dads and dads who work from home possibly need more relaxation time than mums. Whaaaaatttt? Apparently, the lack of company, childcare, and the never-ending housework does dads in, leading many to relax with good food, time out and even the bath treats us Mum’s all love.

It’s an interesting look at dads and one that we have to say, we’re a little bit suspect about! Aside from the fact that the study has been thrown out just before Mother’s Day, we wonder if it’s a ruse to make out mums don’t have it that bad.

Whichever way you’re leaning we have to say the best gifts are all about relaxation giving a bit of ‘me’ time. For some excellent ideas take a look at our Mother’s Day page which basically highlights gifts from £200 right down to £3.

And if you are kind enough to be wanting to take the stress out of Mother’s Day for your husband/partner/kids then perhaps send this email and link onto them as a reminder that you want to be shown some appreciation and love too.

Maybe indicate that some champagne chocolates would do the trick or a generous sumptuous cashmere scarf. So what do you think? Do dads really need more relaxation time than mums? Let us know.

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