Are you in a life crisis?

Are you twenty something, forty something, or part of the 60-is-the-new-40-somethings? Are you in crisis? If not you should be because it seems whatever your age you’re meant to be pondering the meaning of your life.

In your mid twenties the quarter life crisis is supposedly the result of trying to figure out who you are and where you’re going. It manifests itself as the search for love, and a sense of purpose (Taylor Swift anyone?).

In your midlife (which let’s face it can be anywhere from 45 to 60 these days) it’s all about assessing career and life choices, and if you’re happy or not with your decisions so far. Manifestations include anything from an affair to plastic surgery. Then there’s the new later life crisis, which the Daily Mail says (so it must be true) that people use to question what their life was all about.

All this existential angst has got us thinking that what we all need to do (whatever our age) is to relax more often and smell the roses or the coffee or just sit and eat more chocolates. After all if there’s a crisis to be had at nearly every age, then you need your energy.

But what do you think? Did you have a quarter/midlife or later life crisis? Was it worth the effort? Let us know. We’d be interested to hear about it.

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