Homemade British Jams and Preserves

Don’t you just love a good dollop of jam? On toast or crumpets, lining Wonderland-style tarts, or stirred into hot rice pudding, a spoonful of the sweet stuff is a simple way to add zingy, fruity flavour to good food.

If you’ve ever thought about whipping up your own preserves, Riverside Lifestyle jam-maker extraordinaire, lets us in on everything from how to choose the best British produce to her top tips for balancing the flavour. Let the cooking commence!

Riverside: First things first; where do you get your fruit from?

Whenever possible we try and source our produce locally; our strawberries and rhubarb are grown eight miles from my kitchen, raspberries and gooseberries are from Andover and we’re lucky enough to have a great wholesaler close by who also sources locally. Obviously we can’t always do this; I’ve yet to find Hampshire mangoes, but who knows, maybe one day! Read more