De-Stress and Shop!

How do you de-stress and relax? Is it with a good book, a glass of wine or a spot of Internet shopping?

According to a new survey in The Daily Mail 85% of women secretly splurge on luxury items be it shoes, bags or chocolates to feel better. And it’s not just women who are at it. 55% of men also have a secret spending habit splashing out on DVDs, and sports equipment often without their partner’s knowledge.

The survey found, shopping for feel good items is such a stress reliever that some people even admit to shopping in the middle of the night when their partner is asleep.

The reasons why we do it in secret is it seems, both financial and emotional. (1) We don’t really want our other half to know how much we spend and (2) We don’t want to admit how shopping makes us feel better

If you’re currently feeling guilty about all your secret purchases let us help you to feel better. Psychologists have found that treating yourself to a feel good buy is good for you. So much so that has a positive impact on your mood with few negative emotional side effects.

Better still the study published in the Journal of Psychology and Marketing in the U.S concluded that retail therapy purchases were overwhelmingly beneficial for us, leading to less stress all round (as long as you shop within budget).

So, what better reason than to get shopping right now! As for what to buy, well you tell us? What’s your best de-stress buy? Is it beauty, food orientated or fashion-led? Let us know.