Stir Up Sunday – and make a wish

We are entering that wonderful pre-Christmas season where there is still plenty of time before we panic about shopping and presents. It feels wintry enough to start getting in the mood by making advent calendars and pomanders. So put another log onto the fire, if you have one, or light up the scented candles if you haven’t.

At Riverside we have revived one of winter’s best pre-Christmas traditions – Stir Up Sunday – which this year falls on Sunday November 25th, tucked in nicely between Thanksgiving (November 22) and the first Sunday of Advent (December 2). It is the day families make their Christmas puddings with each member of the family getting a go to have a stir and make a wish as they do. The puddings, so they say, should be stirred from west to east to represent the direction the Three Wise Men travelled to Bethlehem, but I don’t think it will have any bearing on the flavour. What you must do, of course, to keep the wishes coming, is to include a silver sixpence.

When families were big enough and hungry enough to plough their way through three or four puddings over the festive season it made economic sense to buy all those packets of dried fruit, muscavado sugar and treacle, but nowadays, when most of us struggle to finish one Christmas pudding, it makes sense to go for quality rather than quantity. Apart from all the half finished packages of dried fruit and glace cherries there are only so many times you can move a barely touched tin of treacle round the kitchen cupboard until you lose it. So, with that in mind we at Riverside have come up with the perfect compromise, a Christmas pudding that you can make yourself but comes all measured out with nothing left out – we’ve even included a silver sixpence – with no half empty packets to clutter up your cupboards until next Christmas.

The Make A Wish Christmas Pudding is on sale now – why not buy it in time for Stir Up Sunday or you could leave it closer to Christmas Day (as long as we don’t run out), we know it will taste just as rich, moist and delicious either way.

To order simply click here