Bonilla a la Vista Spanish Crisps

Bonilla Crisps
100% Natural*

organic potatoes,
cold pressed olive
oil and sea salt

Four sizes: 50g bags 150g bags and 275g sharing tins and the Unique 500g Party TIN

Buy online – delivery to your door – the perfect individual snack, family treat, or party entertainment. A sought-after gift!


  • A family brand from Spain – produced by three generations of the same family 
  • Formed in 1932 and produced for over 85 years 
  • Known as the premium “healthier crisp” with “THE BEST CRUNCH!” 
  • Uses only organic, locally sourced Spanish ingredients – environmental credentials are key 
  • The original packaging is both re-sealable, reusable (for more crisps!) and up-cyclable 
  • Bonilla crisps are stocked in the most renowned bars, restaurants, hotels and shops around the world, loved by celebrities and have a loyal customer base. 
  • Bonilla Crisps carry the Great Taste Award and were Commended in the Quality Food Awards 

Bonilla Crisps Enquiries

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Things to know:

  • Great Taste Award
  • Commendation from Quality in Food
  • Shelf Life 9-12 month (keep at room temperature)
  • Unique packaging technology
  • GFCO certified
Bonilla Crisps - Cuenco Patatas

*Natural – does not contain any artificial ingredient, colouring ingredients or chemical preserves.