Whether you are staying at Riverside Cottage, live locally or coming from afar we hope you’ll find time to join us in these fitness and wellbeing activities

YOGA on a Saturday morning 

We offer an hours Yoga class on a Saturday with Shelley.

Yoga is a complete workout for your mind, body and soul
Yoga energises and de stresses you allowing you to get balance back into your life!

There are so many benefits to practicing Yoga on a physical and mental level.

Yoga improves your physical and mental health, enhances core strength, tones muscles, aids weight loss, destresses you and increases flexibility. Yoga does wonders for your circulation and nervous system, revitalizing and relaxing you!

When core strength is improved it affects us positively and makes it much easier to do many physical activities.

Working with the breath, which has the biggest impact on your physiology (your mental, emotional and physical state) means that you are regulating your heart rate and pulse as well as richly oxygenating your blood, which aids good circulation.

I get told lots of positive stories about how Yoga has helped my clients from relieving long term back issues, losing weight, toning the body, alleviating stress and anxiety as well as increasing motivation levels and getting more things done!

I see a lot of new clients who can barely touch their legs in a forward bend, let alone their toes but in time and with regular practice this changes as muscles loosen and get retrained.

Don’t be put off by not being super bendy or indeed being a beginner as my classes adapt to all levels and abilities.


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